**Young adult dog availability and older puppies are listed at the bottom of this page**

If you are interested in a Labrador as a companion we strongly suggest that you do plenty of research and get on a waiting list with a reputable breeder.  Remember this is a companion that will spend the next 14 or so years with you.  Waiting for the right Labrador from the right breeder is well worth it.  Talk to breeders and visit their home, dogs and facility.

What you can expect from us:  A healthy puppy that is both sound in mind and body.  Before leaving us all of our puppies will have had their first vaccination, several dewormings, have a  microchip in place and have its first well puppy exam with our Veterinarian.  You can be assured that the sires we use and the dams from which our puppies are born have multiple breeding clearances, of which you will be provided copies of.

Feel free to inquire at   References are available upon request

Black and yellow puppies arriving late May 2020.
Black and Chocolate puppies born 4/10/2020.
If you are interested in obtaining a puppy from us at Sunnydaze we highly recommend you contact us soon and join our waiting list.  Our puppies are almost always sold before they are born and waiting lists fill quickly.  If we don't have anything available we'll be more than happy to refer you to other reputable breeders in the area.

Young Adults or Older Pups Available
Dogs listed here are retired show dogs or older pups that we have decided to place.  They will be for sale or available on a co-ownership.  Older pups and young adults for sale are typically offered at a higher price than a baby puppy considering the investment of time, training and care that have been put in to the dog.  They are up to date on immunizations, are micro-chipped, crate trained, go well on leash and some are covered by a Pet Insurance policy which is easily transferable to the new owner.  All have basic manners but would benefit from a structured obedience class.  
Listed below, with photo, are two adult Labradors that are looking for their new forever home.  These are not our dogs or our breeding but dogs from a fellow retired breeder.  Please contact us or email Rick directly at for more information.

Tony ~ 4 1/2 years old, male

Loveable big and exuberant male Labrador looking for a forever home to a loving family or individual. This big beautiful boy is trained to sit, down, wait, stay, and come on command but of course needs to have these commands reinforced by an experienced handler. He is house broken, stays off furniture, and does not counter surf. He will kennel but prefers staying close to the back door at night or cuddling with you in bed. Raised in a fenced yard on acreage Tony loves to run, go for walks, and swim. He will be a good alarm dog to visitors, but always greets people with wagging tail and big kisses. Tony gets along very well with dogs he knows but can react very negatively to strange dogs. He needs to be on leash and controlled when around other dogs he is unfamiliar with. Tony is not a dog park candidate but will assimilate with your existing animals, with proper introductions and training. A fenced yard is ideal because Tony loves to chase bunnies and small animals that venture into his backyard.

Ruthie Marie ~ 9 year old, female

This darling sweet Labrador retriever female is looking for good secure home with an owner who loves to throw frisbees and anything else to retrieve. This character is nine years old going on about 4 with lots of energy but slowed down enough to make a wonderful and quiet companion. Ruthie has no bad habits, stays off furniture, no counter surfing, potting trained, and wonderful dog for your home and backyard. She has been raised on acreage that is fully fenced with lots of room to run but loves her house time and sleeps with her dog mates in the house or outside depending on the weather. She is well trained and will sit, down, come on recall, and heel. She is good heeling on leash. She eagerly will catch food, balls, and frisbees, in that order. Ruthie is in good health with no known health issues. She loves to go to the beach and on hikes but rarely seen without her favorite retrieving toy in her mouth. Perhaps not a good candidate for dog parks until she gets established with familiar dogs and introduced properly on leash.  Ruthie would ideally be rehomed together with her kennel mate Tony. They have been raised together and are inseparable, however, she will also do well on her own with human contact and attention. She should assimilate with your existing pets given proper introduction.


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